A collection of all the amazing Fan Art featuring our lovely Sansa and Sandor.

**Not spoiler free and potentially NSFW**


sansa & margaery doodle

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Ever wonder what my under sketches look like (and why I cry myself to sleep praying line work will one day be less chaotic)? 

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Sansa Stark by chanandra


sandor with a gap teeth, one darcy, and heavy petting lmfao

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Disney Style - Sansa Stark
My newest obsession!

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"Why don’t you just kill me like you did Mycah?" Arya had screamed at him. She was still defiant then, more angry than scared.

He answered by grabbing the front of her tunic and yanking her within an inch of his burned face. “The next time you say that name I’ll beat you so bad you’ll wish I killed you.”


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Sansa and the Hound by MuiMushroom


Mostly uploading this for my own reference so I have a place to find it again if I accidentally delete it or whatever.

Been really meaning to draw some SanSan fanart but kinda hated everything I drew any time I got close to finishing it and I’ve decided that I didn’t like any of it because I wasn’t satisfied with how I was drawing them and so here we have two head shots quickly/lazily colored, of me experimenting with how I’m gonna draw Sandor and Sansa. Forgive the nakedness, but clothes are gonna change so I just wanted to focus on faces and hair.

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….Stop talking about her. 

What, the pretty little bird? Pretty bird….Pretty bird…..


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I should be revising but oh look what happened..

I had way too much fun with these especially Arya’s and Jaime’s

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Victorian-style GoT ladies :)

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They Watch The Night

Got prompted to write some SanSan poetry which I haven’t done in forever so I figured I’d let the creative juices flow. I was going to create a graphic to go with it but I couldn’t be bothered so instead did some illustrations which took several hours..? Logic never was my strong point.

Not 100% happy with this, might redo..

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