A collection of all the amazing Fan Art featuring our lovely Sansa and Sandor.

**Not spoiler free and potentially NSFW**

san.san sketch by hedgehog-in-snow

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Sansa and Lady by haniutek

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Darkness spreads through all the land, and your weary eyes open silently. 

Sunsets have forsaken all, and must open their eyes, 

Nightmares come when shadows grow…

Ice glows and heartbeats slow.

Alayne Stone and Robin Arryn in the Eyrie. Was really intrigued by the Fear Not This Night song, so trying to do a little series where Alayne tries to sing Sweetrobin to sleep (it’s so Disney/Bluth it hurts). Stay tuned for more.

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ok i bet there are hundreds of asoiaf x harry potter crossovers bUT i wanted to make my own so here it is

and although the stark’s values may match hufflepuff a bit more i’ve always thought of them as ravenclaws?? maybe because of the color scheme idk

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Sansa Stark in the Goodswood of the Red Keep by RobotDelEspacio


The King’s Bird and the King’s Dog, a tale of me giving up sometime after finishing the lineart 

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I’m 80% sure I missed Sansa appreciation week, but for me every week is Sansa appreciation week. 

Inspired by Paloma Faith, she is flawless

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I was thinking today about a twist on his words, directed at Sansa not Arya

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I was watching that episode from Season 1 where Sansa bumps into Sandor while walking Lady, and a friend and I noted that it was totally one of those scenarios where a guy uses your dog as in to awkwardly mack on you and your dog isn’t helping the situation cuz it’s a dog and is loving the attention and

Yeah, these two.

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The Bodyguard by PolliPo

Also, definitely check out AryRiddle’s awesome fic

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Sansa x Margaery  -  Game of Thrones

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-_- commission wip

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I have such a stupid crush on Sandor’s stupid Weasley sweater tunic thing that he wears on the night of the Hand’s tourney

W/e we all have our weird things

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